Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor Fuck For The Cameras

Now here’s something every Hollywood couple should do once in a while to keep the marriage hot and spicy (I’m looking at you, Brad and Angelina).  A marriage can only get stronger when there’s lots of this happening, and by this, I mean doing some honest-to-goodness porn for the cameras.  Ben Stiller really knows how to keep Christine Taylor interested in him, and that’s by getting really dirty and kinky, setting up a few cameras, calling in a small crew, and then stripping down and getting carnal in front of everybody.

Christine Taylor is obviously game for this sort of stuff, what with all her topless and nude pics already out on the net.  She readily spreads her legs wide open so that her hubby can finger her for all it’s worth, getting her all wet so that she’s ready for what comes next — Ben Stiller’s cock up in her pussy while both of them are in front of a blue screen he set up, so that he can add special effects to this production later.  The man is a genius, using his Hollywood clout to make a really hot porn flick, with special effects from the best in the biz, I’m sure.

Head over to this site if you feel like you want more of this dirty duo getting nasty, just for you.  It’s something you know you want to do…

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