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August 15th, 2016 by J

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It’s not just comedy for this hot babe when she’s hanging out with her hubby. Christine Taylor knows how to get serious and naughty too off cam and with a casual buddy to boot. Giving blowjobs is one of her specialties and we can see how true that is in this leaked sex tape. She’s got her skills put into good use with this horny dude and they ended up banging wildly just before Taylor meets up with husband Ben Stiller for a coffee. Talk about smooth, this chick knows it all.

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April 6th, 2016 by J

Being married to a comedic actor, Ben Stiller for over 15 years now, Christine Taylor still finds it a bit hard to be taken seriously by some people especially the ones who she met recently. They think that she’s like this creepy clown that has a trick up her sleeve all the time and that they have this annoying expressions on their faces, which often feels as if serious matters to her are some sort of a punchline and all she gotta do is flash her Magnum face from Zoolander and everyone will crack up. We’ll burst your bubbles by saying, no, Christine ain’t like that at all and that she has this serious and intimate side about her, which actually was one of the characteristics that made Ben fall for her hard. Christine knows to have fun away from the jokes and often corny lines she has to deliver on TV shows and films.

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She enjoys the fun more when it’s just the two of them inside the bedroom and get this, they do like to swing a bit every now and then. Inviting over a friend or two for their hot and sweaty playtimes, Christine has her share of these naughty meetings and they do it in the comfort of their loving home. Being married this long has its secrets and this is one of them for sure. Give credit where it’s due, this hardcore video of Christine getting plowed by their golf buddy is making Ben so horny that he almost joined in but he wanted his wife to have her moment and deal with his stiffy after. Ain’t they a fun couple? Not everything’s a joke alright, watch Christine suck and fuck that thick dick and do something about your hard on.

Christine Taylor Sideboobs Caught On Camera!

September 29th, 2010 by LimaBean

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More often than not when Christine Taylor gets seen in public, you are sure that a lot of people most especially the paparazzi will have their cameras ready since it’s a big media frenzy whenever Christine shows up in a public event, especially when she shows up with her famous husband, actor-director Ben Stiller. And most of the time whenever she makes one false move, you are guaranteed to see something that Christine isn’t aware of and it is only after those revealing images where she would notice that the side of her titties got exposed and her sideboobs are showing. And we currently got some of them taken at this Hollywood event where she was photographed and her sideboobs decided to peek out for a guest appearance!

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Cheap thrill as it may seem but it’s still worth a a lot to those who want to get their hands full of those titillating celebrity sleaze that you won’t get to find anywhere else. Visit Christine Taylor Nude today and see our complete collection of sideboobs and nipple slips pictures of the one and only Christine Taylor.

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Christine Taylor Cheating With Another Guy

April 26th, 2010 by LimaBean

As these hardcore pics will show, Christine Taylor has finally gone and hooked up with another guy for some hardcore sex.  And where does that leave Ben Stiller?  Well, if I were ben, I’d probably be the one behind the camera, watching my wife get it on with a hot guy (hotter than I could ever be) and having a really wild orgasm!  So I guess if Ben is the one taking these pictures, then everything is okay I guess.  The one where Christine is using her feet to give the guy an orgasm is especially hot.  Only a real slut can convincedly pull off a foot job like that.  Stroking a guy’s cock with your foot is pretty hard, and you’ve got to be consistent to get a guy to cum with your stroking.  Christine Taylor must be a real dirty wife to do all these things!  And that’s why I want to see more of these hardcore episodesThis site is the premiere site to find nude pics of this lovely blonde, and I can bet they’ve got them there!

Pics of Christine Taylor Showing Her Pussy Off

July 20th, 2009 by LimaBean

Hands down, Christine Taylor is one hot bitch. It just doesn’t get any better than her hot long legs, slender body, and supple, perky tits. But wait? Maybe it can get better? How, you ask? Well, if Christine Taylor suddenly showed off her body in the nude, wouldn’t that be WAY better? Of course! And here she is now – Christine Taylor in all her glory. Just look at her round, perfectly-shaped tits and her immaculate pussy. What a sight to behold! Christine Taylor is a revelation. She is simply heaven-sent! She is and always will be God’s gift to mankind. There’s no better way to end a busy day than to sleep dreaming of Christine Taylor. There simply isn’t.

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Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor Fuck For The Cameras

March 4th, 2009 by LimaBean

Now here’s something every Hollywood couple should do once in a while to keep the marriage hot and spicy (I’m looking at you, Brad and Angelina).  A marriage can only get stronger when there’s lots of this happening, and by this, I mean doing some honest-to-goodness porn for the cameras.  Ben Stiller really knows how to keep Christine Taylor interested in him, and that’s by getting really dirty and kinky, setting up a few cameras, calling in a small crew, and then stripping down and getting carnal in front of everybody.

Christine Taylor is obviously game for this sort of stuff, what with all her topless and nude pics already out on the net.  She readily spreads her legs wide open so that her hubby can finger her for all it’s worth, getting her all wet so that she’s ready for what comes next — Ben Stiller’s cock up in her pussy while both of them are in front of a blue screen he set up, so that he can add special effects to this production later.  The man is a genius, using his Hollywood clout to make a really hot porn flick, with special effects from the best in the biz, I’m sure.

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Christine Taylor Shows Her Pussy

March 4th, 2009 by LimaBean

Christine Taylor’s shown us her boobies by going topless in some pictorials, but these images that show her almost completely naked, with clear views of her sweet pussy might be stolen pics.  These look like foreplay shots of her and Ben Stiller’s fuck sessions at home, where she’s showing her hubby her lovely, moist poontang.  Now that’s guaranteed to get any guy turned on, especially a geek like Ben Stiller who should be thankful he was able to bag a hottie like Christine Taylor.  Just look at her spreading her legs for her man here.  That lithe, sexy body is perfect, and your eyes are immediately drawn to that beautiful pussy of hers.  She really knows how to show off that snatch too, like when she gets on her knees on a huge stuffed chair, with her ass towards the camera and her pussy waiting for Ben’s hungry mouth or active hands.

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Christine Taylor Topless

March 4th, 2009 by LimaBean

If there’s one genre we’d like to see added to Christine Taylor’s impressive portfolio of comedic films and TV appearances, it’s the sex comedy.  She’s worked with the cream of the crop in the genre, whether it’s on the small screen (where she appeared with Jerry Seinfeld on “Seinfeld“, and with everybody’s favorite group of friends on “Friends“), or in the movies, where her hubby Ben Stiller is one of the genre’s geniuses.  The start of her career is full of these classics, like “Saved By The Bell” and “Murphy Brown”, up until her current guest appearances on “My Name is Earl” and “Arrested Development“.

But where’s the sex?  She’s so hot, she can easily raise everyone’s temperatures if she wanted to do something risque onscreen.  Well, with these topless pics of hers, maybe she’s finally considering getting out from under her husband’s shadow.  Showing her tits like this while still being funny will get her even more fans, I’m sure.  Sex and comedy in one fine package would make her a box-office one-two punch that’ll leave us reeling, though after seeing her juicy boobies here, I’d much prefer her in the erotic genre over the comedic one if ever she had to choose between both.

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