Cocksucking Christine Taylor gets banged hard

Being married to a comedic actor, Ben Stiller for over 15 years now, Christine Taylor still finds it a bit hard to be taken seriously by some people especially the ones who she met recently. They think that she’s like this creepy clown that has a trick up her sleeve all the time and that they have this annoying expressions on their faces, which often feels as if serious matters to her are some sort of a punchline and all she gotta do is flash her Magnum face from Zoolander and everyone will crack up. We’ll burst your bubbles by saying, no, Christine ain’t like that at all and that she has this serious and intimate side about her, which actually was one of the characteristics that made Ben fall for her hard. Christine knows to have fun away from the jokes and often corny lines she has to deliver on TV shows and films.

Christine Taylor sucks and fucks stiff dick while Ben watches!

She enjoys the fun more when it’s just the two of them inside the bedroom and get this, they do like to swing a bit every now and then. Inviting over a friend or two for their hot and sweaty playtimes, Christine has her share of these naughty meetings and they do it in the comfort of their loving home. Being married this long has its secrets and this is one of them for sure. Give credit where it’s due, this hardcore video of Christine getting plowed by their golf buddy is making Ben so horny that he almost joined in but he wanted his wife to have her moment and deal with his stiffy after. Ain’t they a fun couple? Not everything’s a joke alright, watch Christine suck and fuck that thick dick and do something about your hard on.

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