Christine Taylor Topless

If there’s one genre we’d like to see added to Christine Taylor’s impressive portfolio of comedic films and TV appearances, it’s the sex comedy.  She’s worked with the cream of the crop in the genre, whether it’s on the small screen (where she appeared with Jerry Seinfeld on “Seinfeld“, and with everybody’s favorite group of friends on “Friends“), or in the movies, where her hubby Ben Stiller is one of the genre’s geniuses.  The start of her career is full of these classics, like “Saved By The Bell” and “Murphy Brown”, up until her current guest appearances on “My Name is Earl” and “Arrested Development“.

But where’s the sex?  She’s so hot, she can easily raise everyone’s temperatures if she wanted to do something risque onscreen.  Well, with these topless pics of hers, maybe she’s finally considering getting out from under her husband’s shadow.  Showing her tits like this while still being funny will get her even more fans, I’m sure.  Sex and comedy in one fine package would make her a box-office one-two punch that’ll leave us reeling, though after seeing her juicy boobies here, I’d much prefer her in the erotic genre over the comedic one if ever she had to choose between both.

Click here to see much more of Christine Taylor’s lovely rack.  You know you want to, and besides, Ben Stiller’s a wuss, so he deserves having his wife topless online to get us all hard.

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